Vera Chino Ely (born June 27, 1943) is a Native American potter from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. She is the youngest daughter of the late Marie Z. Chino, who was well known for her excellent fine-line pottery. Very little information has been published on Vera. She learned pottery making from her mother and in the late 1970s she worked with Marie doing fine-line painting on some of her pots.

In 1979, she participated in the “One Space: Three Visions” exhibition at the Albuquerque Museum. A collection of her works can be seen at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Vera’s sisters, Carrie Charlie (b. 1925), Rose Garcia (b. 1928), and Grace Chino (ca 1929-1994), are all award winning Acoma potters.

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