The Rapa Nui mythology, also known as Pascuense mythology or Easter Island mythology, is the name given to the mythology formed by myths, legends and beliefs of the native Rapa Nui people of the island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island); located in the south eastern Pacific Ocean, almost four thousand kilometers from continental Chile.

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The Island of Rapa Nui is characterized for being a mythology that presents own and unique characteristics, the product of Rapa Nui being the "most isolated" of the Polynesian islands. The main characteristic of the Rapa Nui mythology, is that this presents a particular Cultural identity; product of the particular history of Rapa Nui. For that reason their native peoples imagined very singular and local explanations on the creation of the human and the island of Island of Rapa Nui. Like so much Polynesian mythology, the mythology of the island of Rapa Nui is has a substantial marine component.

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