The Qiyin lüe (Plantilla:Zh-cpw; "Seven Sounds Summary") is a Chinese rime table that dates prior to 1161. This reference work survived to the present largely because the Song Dynasty historian Zheng Qiao (鄭樵/郑樵; Cheng Ch'iao; 1104-1162) included it in his 1161 encyclopedia Tongzhi (通志; T'ung chih; "General Treatises").

The Qiyinlüe has a close affinity with the Yunjing. Both have tables combining rows for a particular final rime, columns for various initials, and up to four tones (see the link below for a sample). A detailed description of this native Chinese phonological system can be found at rime tables.

The Chinese linguist Luo Changpei wrote a definitive study (1935) of the Qiyinlüe.


  • Luo Changpei 羅常培. 1935. Tongzhi Qiyun lue yanjiu (通志七音略研究; "Research on the Tongzhi Qiyun lue"), Bulletin of the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica 5: 521-536.

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