Mike Dart is a Native American artist of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma who specializes in contemporary Cherokee double wall basketry.

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Michael Lee Dart was born on February 1, 1977. He is the youngest of the four children of Ronnie Joe and Emma Sue (Bean) Dart. He is an award winning Cherokee artist specializing in the art of contemporary Cherokee Double Wall Basketry. His baskets have placed in several shows throughout northeastern Oklahoma including the 1st Annual Cherokee National Holiday Art Show in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, The Art Under the Oaks Art Show at the Five Tribes Museum in Muskogee, Oklahomaand the 2007 Trail of Tears Art Show and Sale at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma which is one of the largest Native American art shows in the region. His art is quickly becoming recognized and appreciated by many collectors and institutions within the Native American art circle.

Mike learned the art of Basketry in 1992 from master Cherokee weaver, Shawna Morton-Cain who was designated a Living Treasure of the Cherokee Nation in 2006 for her knowledge and skill in the art of Cherokee basketry. However he says that his interest in basketry began during childhood when he would watch his grandmother, the late Pauline Dart weave baskets and build woven furniture our of willow and other materials native to the land around her home.

Mike's baskets are generally classified as "contemporary" because his primary mediums are contemporary materials such as rattan reed and RIT Fabric and other aniline dyes. However he does weave with natural materials such as honeysuckle and buckbrush. But he says that he will always weave with contemporary materials because it allows him to express himself better artistically, and there are certain colors he likes to use that you not obtain from natural materials, at least to his knowledge.

In addition to basketry, Mike also creates Cherokee coiled pottery. He learned from master potter Anna Sixkiller-Mitchell who has also been named a Living Treasure of the Cherokee Nation for her knowledge and skills in Cherokee pottery, as well as her successful efforts to revive the art among the Oklahoma Cherokee so that it will survive for future generations. Mike currently resides in the Fairfield Community, which is a large predominatly all Cherokee Community just northeast of Stilwell, Oklahoma.

Mike's work can be viewed regularly in the Cherokee National Museum during various Art Shows and also in the Cherokee Heritage Center Museum Store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.


2007 Trails of Tears Show- Honorable Mention [1]

2007 Art Under The Oaks-2nd Place [2]

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