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Ma Yuan (Chinese: ; Pinyin: Mǎ Yuǎn (11601165 to 1225) was an influential Chinese landscape painter whose work, together with that of Xia Gui, formed the basis of the Ma-Xia school of painting.

Ma Yuan was born in Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang). He occasionally painted flowers, but is best known for landscape painting, his lyrical and romantic interpretation becoming the model for later painters. He was a master of “one-corner” composition, to the extent that he was nicknamed "One-Corner Ma." This type of landscaping style is defined as being an asymmetrical compositions that are split on the diagonal. His most famous painting is On a Mountain Path in Spring. Ma Yuan was one of the Ma family of painters.


Ronald Ossory Dunlop Landscape Painting: Ma Yuan to Picasso (London 1954)

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