Hippolyte Roussel was a member of the Order of the Sacred Hearts of Picpus. He landed on Easter Island in 1866 with Eugène Eyraud, who died shortly thereafter. In 1871, after conflict with the manager of the Brander plantation, Jean-Baptiste Dutrou-Bornier, he was forced to leave the island, and evacuated all but 171 of the islanders to the Gambier Islands. During his long stay on Easter Island, he compiled notes on the customs and traditions of the islanders, which he sent to Valparaíso in 1869 and which were published in April and June of 1926 in the Annals of the Sacred Hearts of Picpus.


  • CHAUVET, Stéphen-Charles. 1935. L'île de Pâques et ses mystères ("Easter Island and its Mysteries"). Paris: Éditions Tel. (An online English version translated by Ann Altman and edited by Shawn McLaughlin is available here.)


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