Han Tuozhou (1152-1207) (Chinese: 韩侂胄; Pinyin: Hán Tūozhòu; Wade-Giles: Han T'o-Chou) was a Chinese statesman of the Southern Song dynasty and a minister to Emperor Ningzong.

He was responsible for Southern Song efforts to recover territories lost in northern China to the Jurchen Jin dynasty in their 1142 peace settlement. In his efforts to begin a military build-up, he had Yue Fei (who had resigned during peace talks with the Jurchen, after which he was jailed and poisoned) posthumously promoted and Qin Gui (who led the aforementioned peace talks with the Jurchen) demoted.[1]. These efforts were unsuccessful, and the ensuing war was devastating to southern China, resulting in further territorial losses and terrible inflation. In consequence, Han was executed by the Song regime, and his head offered to the Jurchens as a peace offering.

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  1. Lorge, Peter, "War, Politics and Society in Early Modern China", 1st eidtion, Routledge, 2005: 56, 66-67 (ISBN 0-4153-1691X-)

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