The Easter Island Foundation is an American non-profit organization that promotes the conservation and protection of the fragile cultural heritage of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and other Polynesian islands.

Background of the FoundationEditar

The Easter Island Foundation (EIF) was organized in 1989 by a group of concerned scientists and interested persons who together were inspired by Polynesia's incomparable archaeological treasures. Among its many projects, the Foundation established the William Mulloy Library on the island and continues to support its operations.

Objectives of the FoundationEditar

  • To promote an interest in research on Easter Island and other Pacific islands by anthropologists, archaeologists, linguists, environmentalists, and members of other scientific, historical, and cultural disciplines.
  • To work toward the conservation and preservation of Easter Island’s cultural heritage and environmental character as well as historic sites and monuments in Polynesia.
  • To inform and educate local, national, and international groups and communities in addition to the general public with regard to Easter Island’s unique heritage and priceless monumental treasures.
  • To facilitate communication about Easter Island and other Pacific islands among scientific disciplines, historians, and other interested parties through publication of journals, books, guides, and other media-related sources and conferences.
  • To develop an endowment fund through investments, bequests, corporate and Easter Island Foundation contributions, and other related sources — to provide a pool of financial resources for the support of the Foundation’s programs.
  • To help support the William Mulloy Library for the study of Easter Island and various related disciplines, in association with the island’s Museo Antropológico Padre Sebastián Englert.
  • To provide a scholarship program for promising Rapa Nui secondary and college students to ensure them an opportunity for advanced academic studies.
  • To encourage economic development activities on Easter Island that will benefit the Rapa Nui and that will honor and maintain the cultural and environmental character of the island.

The Foundation's ActivitiesEditar

The EIF funds archaeological research on Rapa Nui and other Polynesian islands, provides Rapa Nui students with scholarships, books and equipment, and publishes a series of books about Rapa Nui and Polynesia. The Foundation is best known for publishing the Rapa Nui Journal, a unique source of information about Easter Island and Polynesia. The EIF also sponsors conferences about Rapa Nui and Polynesia.

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