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Cuī Bái or Cui Bo (Wade-Giles: Tsui Po fl. mid 12th century) was a prominent Chinese painter during the Song Dynasty (960–1279). He is most known for paintings of animals and plants with less repute as a painter of human figure. He traveled to the capital of Kaifeng to seek employment as a court artist, and was accepted by Emperor Shenzong of Song, who admired his works. He became a renowned artist of Shenzong's court, but gained an awkward reputation for his often eccentric behavior.

One of Cui Bai's most famous paintings is one featuring two magpies entitled "Double Happiness", because "two magpies" in Mandarin Chinese is pronounced the same as "two happinesses". The painting would have been meant as a gift to someone to congratulate them in some way, most likely for a wedding. The painting is signed and dated 1061, making it one of the earliest such signed and dated painting.

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