Christopher Inglis Stebly(b. December 6, 1967) is a painter, decorator of pottery, printmaker from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Youngest of the five children of Mary Anderson (b. 1937) and Marion J. Stebly. Grandson of Walter Inglis Anderson, whose work, draws inspiration, like Stebly's, from an intimate knowledge of the natural world, particularly the flora, fauna, landscapes, seascapes and people of the Gulf Coast and barrier islands. Stebly is also the painter of several large murals in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, including "Ocean Springs Past, Present and Future" at Washington and Bowen streets. In Shearwater Pottery, by Dod Stewart, Mary Anderson remembers her son's beginnings as a decorator: "As a teenager he worked for his cousin Jim Anderson at the Shearwater [Pottery] workshop [...] After high school he worked for his brother Mark who has a guide fishing business at the Chandeleur Islands. / If Walter Anderson went to the island from Shearwater, his grandson came to Shearwater from the Island. Left alone on Chandeleur to care for Mark's houseboat for more than a month, Chris used crayons to decorate paper plates with birds, crabs, and fish. Back on the mainland he showed them to Jim [Anderson] who suggested he put the designs on Shearwater plates. His great uncle James McConnell Anderson gave him tools and taught him decorative techniques of incision, carving, various methods of applying decorations to greenware. [...] Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception of his offerings in the showroom, his own pleasure in the process, and the offer of a scholarship by the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, Chris studied there in 1990 and 1991." Stebly continues to decorate plates and other pieces thrown both at Shearwater Pottery and by other potters, and has exhibited his paintings at his own gallery in Ocean Springs and throughout Mississippi and Lousiana.


On his pottery decoration, see Dod Stewart, Shearwater Pottery (privately printed, 2006)

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