Brianchon es un tipo de lustre, como la madreperla, obtenido por J. H. Brianchon, característico de las piezas de Belleek de fines del siglo XIX, especialmente ornamentadas piezas de las conocidas como parian ware, coladas en forma de conchas marinas (MDA).


Twenty parts of resin are melted in a porcelain dish on a sand bath until the mass becomes quiescent; six parts of bismuth nitrate are then added, the mixture being vigorously stirred. Stirring is repeated while thirty parts of lavender oil are added, and a further addition of twenty parts of the oil is required after the mixture has been partially cooled. This mixture will give a colourless lustre.

If the bismuth is replaced by an equivalent quantity of a coloured metallic salt such as uranium or cadmium nitrate, cobalt sulphate, etc., the corresponding coloured lustres are produced. For cheaper colourless lustres, lead or zinc acetate may be substituted for the bismuth preparation.

Another method of producing metallic resinate lustres is sometimes adopted. The process may be best understood as consisting of three distinct operations :

  1. Fifty parts of resin, ten parts caustic soda, and twenty parts of water are heated together with constant stirring. A tough, brown resin soap is obtained when the mass is carefully cooled. If the resinate is stringy or porous it must be rejected.
  2. Using this resin soap as a base, the metallic resinates are obtained by heating together 100 parts resin soap, 200 parts water, and 50 parts of a metallic salt, e. g. copper sulphate, lead acetate, uranium nitrate, etc.
  3. The final operation consists in adding solvents to the metallic resinates. In some cases rosemary or lavender oil is used alone, while in others an addition of benzol is necessary. Typical recipes are appended.
    1. Copper Resinate . ... ,10 Rosemary Oil .... 20
    2. Lead Resinate . . 10 Rosemary Oil .... 20, Benzol . 3
    3. Uranium Resinate-. ... 10 Lavender Oil . . 20 Benzol .... 3

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